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In a world of noise, people crave keynote thought leaders who not only inspire with visionary insights but also deliver actionable strategies to navigate uncertainty and drive meaningful change.

Dr. Craig Wing embodies this rare blend, seamlessly weaving relatable insights with deep data, acumen, a spirit of adventure, and action-packed strategies to tackle the serious business of navigating unknown tomorrows.
Today, discerning true expertise from mere opportunism in the virtual speaker sphere is daunting.

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innovating tomorrow

With 20 years of experience and over 500 keynotes delivered to 5,000 global leaders, Dr. Craig Wing is your expert navigator through the ever-changing landscapes of the future.

His blend of theoretical expertise and real-world application ensures fresh perspectives and unseen models for embracing innovation and navigating ideal futures.

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Speaker Overview

Meet Craig Wing, PhD, MBA, MSc, BSc Engineering

Craig Wing is a visionary explorer of tomorrow. Some call him a futurist, but in the present he’s an accomplished academic, horizon hunter and dynamic global speaker.

With a diverse background spanning academia, entrepreneurship, and consulting, Craig navigates the complexities of tomorrow with unparalleled insight and expertise – because there’s nothing more exciting than the unknown.

His blend of theoretical / research rigour and practical application empowers communities and companies to embrace innovation, navigate uncertainty, and design their ideal futures with confidence.

A sought-after thought leader, Craig’s awesome keynotes have inspired and guided thousands of leaders and executives worldwide.

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